Mega Toss

Make a big impression with the Mega Toss service. Endless game options combined with a massive impact make this the ideal activation to draw a crowd at any event.

LED Videos

Using a video screen as the backdrop, our LED Celebration experience delivers a big impact onsite and is a major step up from a static backdrop or greenscreen experience. 

3 Point Court

We had a blast recreating the Dew Court from the NBA 2K video game. The Chicago debut of the custom court, featured a three-point contest in Millenium Park. The Dew Court is moving on to multiple cities during the upcoming months.

Whether you need a unique registration platform, sweepstakes entry, or an interactive game, our team is prepared to meet your needs. We have streamlined our development process, resulting in a smooth build with an efficient consumer experience. 

Shirt Lab

The NIE Shirt Lab allows prospects and customers to design their own branded swag and have it delivered directly to their door. This is a perfect solution for charity campaigns, prospecting, and corporate gift programs.

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