App Development

No matter your app or website needs - photos, data collection or content organization - we can build it for you. Whether it's a customized project designed for specific goals, or an off-the-shelf solution, our technology can be tailored to fit your event.

Shirt Lab

​The NIE Shirt Lab allows prospects and customers to design their own branded swag and have it delivered directly to their door. This is a perfect solution for charity campaigns, prospecting, and corporate gift programs.

Mega Toss

Making a  big impression is easy with the Mga Toss system.

Endless game options combined with large-scale branding opportunities make Mega Toss a centerpiece of any activation.  


Consumers and fans love photos and they aren't going anywhere. Our solutions include in-person booths or photo experiences fans complete on their own device.


Our upgraded video systems provided fans with a more unique and high-tech experience creating a lasting engagement.

Photo Mosaics

Photo mosaics really bring people together and that's what we like to do! Our mosaics can be onsite at your event or built in a digital format online. Each fan photo helps reveal a larger mosaic image of your choice. 

Event Analytics

Knowing how consumers flow through your space can provide key insights into calculating your ROI. Our vision-based systems provide real-time data on traffic in your space as well as what is drawing the most attention.

LED Rentals

Our LED screens, both indoor and outdoor, are sure to make an impact at your event. We make rental, installation and IT support easy!

Touchscreen Tech

Touchscreens immediately grab attention in a space and they also provide a way for your consumers to create their own experience with your content. Our touchscreens are impressive and still easy to use. 


Did we tell you we have a full print and fabrication shop in-house? While we're helping you with your software, let us make your job easier but one-stop production for your event. 

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